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What If the International Monetary Fund Implements a "One World" Currency?

Gold was the de facto global premier reserve currency since trade began, but in 1944 the Bretton Woods system expanded acceptable global currency reserves to include the U.S. dollar and other currencies.

The dollar replaced the British pound as the global premier reserve currency in 1945, formalizing global acknowledgement of the U.S.’s status as a world power. However, President Nixon brought an end to the Bretton Woods system in 1973, barring future major currencies from officially being converted to gold. And the Kissinger/Faisal dollar only for oil deal reaffirmed the dollar’s position as global premier reserve currency.


Gold and other precious metals provide an exceptional hedge to a retirement or financial portfolio. When traditional financial instruments fail and currency certainly falls into that category, gold and other precious metals shine their brightest. 

A retirement account can be easily protected by creating or rolling over a qualified Gold IRA account.


But the global currency landscape is changing and the pace is quickening:

       China became the top global exporter in 2009, the largest trading nation in the world in 2013, and was named as an acceptable global reserve currency by the IMF, in 2015.

       In 2017 China began conducting futures oil transactions in yuan, which was quickly converted to gold at the newly accepted Shanghai International Energy Exchange. As the participant list grew, dollars only for oil was successfully neutralized with a mutual agreement among participants to circumvent the imposed dollar requirements.

       In 2017 Russia agreed to sell Saudi Arabia their S-400 defensive missile system, whose installation eliminated the need for the Kissinger/Faisal deal, which had guaranteed Saudi Arabia’s defense with U.S. military against all comers.


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China believes it has positioned itself well, to take over the reins as global premier world reserve currency, but there is a much greater chance before that happens, the IMF will organize central banks under the supervision of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and institute a One World currency. For most, things would not be very different, because each currency would be rated for conversion, as in today’s foreign currency exchange. But for American’s, perks we grew up taking for granted (like nearly universal acceptance) will disappear, reduced dollar demand will create inflation, and  global liquidity of the dollar will dry up as no one uses it anymore. This is a 1-2-3 punch that Americans are not prepared for and won’t understand when it happens.

Russia, China, and Iran are among a growing number of countries weary of U.S. sanctions, threats of sanctions, and the general abuse of power provided by the premier global reserve currency status, particularly in light of a $22 trillion National Debt that’s growing at a greater rate than ever before and the careless fiduciary attitude seen to accompany it.

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